FAQs - Fume Extraction

If you are experiencing sewer odors at home or in an office, there is either a sewer design flaw or poor plumbing installation. Outside of opening up walls and incurring major plumbing costs there is seldom a 100% quick fix. Our product can help if you are experiencing odors only during windy days. Please be observant, often it is wind from certain directions. In these cases you are in luck, we are presently shooting about 80% success on improving or completely eliminating the problem. Most successes are when all the breather pipes on the roof top are fitted with the Siphon. It has worked well on applications on city sewer, septic and holding tank systems, even outhouses.

The Stack Mount Siphon is designed for the standard PVC/ ABS pipes 4”, 3” and 2”. The siphon’s design is aerodynamic so there is very little wind loading or resistance.

The angle makes no difference to the operation of 360 Siphon™, sideways or even upside down.

It's aerodynamically engineered, it has no wind resistance; it channels wind into its vortex where it creates a low pressure at the exhaust port. The lid is a complex series of shapes that has taken 3 years of design and field testing. The 360 Siphon™ cannot fail; it’s the worlds only non-mechanical air check valve that eliminates stack down drafts while simultaneously creating a low pressure regardless of wind direction or velocity.

The 360 Siphon™ does two important things to a sewer system. When ever there is a wind, it is drawing off odors and gasses eliminating fume buildup. It also places a low pressure in the system when there is a breeze, making it highly unlikely for odors to drift into the home.

If there is no wind chances are there is no problem, air pressure differential will not exist, so there is no force pushing the fumes out.

It will decrease the draw rate when the incoming wind is horizontal, hitting the stack 90 degrees to the stack. More importantly it will eliminate the extreme high pressure of wind blowing down into the system when the wind is gusty and turbulent (see chart). The Siphon eliminates those extreme conditions to reduce the drying of traps.

In a perfect situation with a steady moderate wind coming straight in at 90 degrees to the stack, there would be approximately 10% airflow reduction. Unfortunately, gusts and air turbulence is a lot more common, they do nothing but blow air down the stack. Light winds do basically nothing.

With the 360 Siphon™, all these wind conditions are now drawing up gasses, while inhibiting that odor causing down draft. The airflow gain in an everyday situation outweighs the odd chance of the perfect breeze hitting the stack just at right angle. 

An open stack is very vulnerable to wind conditions as previously mentioned. Depending on the physical location of the stack relation to the wind direction and obstructions (roof) , it could smell worse (if the wind hits obstacles prior to hitting the stack), or not at all (if the wind was not obstructed, nor gusty and hit the stack square on). In some cases it might not smell without wind and other cases with wind. The purpose of the 360 Siphon™ is to utilize all these wind conditions and instill a low air pressure in the sewer system vent stacks. 

Composting toilets are designed to draw off the moisture by venting out through the vent stack. Down drafts and extra moisture or rain is definitely unwanted. The 360 Siphon™ does both, as well as keeping out other airborne debris.